2 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba


It’s a proven energy
That’s heal you
When you give the permission
To your entire body
The living organism
Called “cell” like an universe
Starts to heal itself
Don’t shut down your energy flow
Don’t feel alone
You have a huge army called
Body cells
You have a huge team called
Body cells
They are your friends
They are your colleague
They are your team members
Don’t forget them
Greet each
Love each
Feed each
The source of energy
Well enough to you
Because of its endless source
Since you are love
Starts to heal yourself just now
Call the healing energy
And love yourself.

When you start to love yourself
Your heart chakra
Starts to create energy
The energy waves  flow down to
Not only to your body but also  through the universe
When the universe get the signals
She returns back to you
With love, light, abundance and healing
Don’t deprive yourself
Within your isolation
In your body and mind.
Feel the universe inside of you
Love yourself means loving the universe

We may say lots of words more
But is there any necessity?
Since you are the universe!

You are the one created with love.
You are the one living by love
You are the one will accelerate with love
Start to love yourself now
Because you are already love.
İstanbul, 1.10.2019

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