26 Mayıs 2019 Pazar


Be the facilitator to all humankind
Don’t be afraid to be stopped
Unless your power is well enough
Since you’re the creator
Because of your infinite love.

Beloved ones, believe yourself!
You are the builder of new world
With the power of pure love.

Let the sunshine in your heart
With the light of Creator
You’ll be in everywhere, in every moment
Through the universe of love
Be the part of it since you already are
Just feel it deep in yourself by heart
In each breath
Inhale the light and
Be in the harmony
Like birds fly
Touch the clouds,
Fly with the clouds
With keeping your light
And spread out your infinite love
Through the universe
When you exhale the inner light,
Even you’ll be alone for a while
Keep calm to fly
At he end of the life
Everybody realises you are the one
As they are.
F. Ebru Tolan Karahasanoğlu
İstanbul, 26.5.2019

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